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    With healthy, delicious cooking, our sushi restaurant in the Toledo area of Ohio will take you to the far east. We offer takeout and sushi catering, so you can have this amazing food whenever you want.
    Our Asian fusion restaurant features amazing food for an amazing sit-down dining experience. Hibachi at Sushi Yoshi Steak Stone & Seafood House gives you an amazing show as well as delicious food!
    Looking for a unique fusion of food? As a Japanese steakhouse, you'll get delicious food that's a blend of west and east from an authentic Japanese restaurant!
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Sushi Catering

Sushi catering from Sushi Yoshi Steak Stone & Seafood House means your next big event will be even better! Japanese food is available anywhere in the Toledo area of Ohio.

Hibachi grill
Kitchen Hibachi

Japanese kitchen hibachi is a unique entertainment style beloved the world over, and Sushi Yoshi Steak Stone & Seafood House is a wonderful way to experience it. As a delicious Asian fusion restaurant in Toledo, Ohio, witness the dexterous movements of our trained chefs, as well as some delicious food!

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Asian Fusion Restaurant

An Asian fusion restaurant combines the tastes and styles from the west with those of the east, and Sushi Yoshi Steak Stone & Seafood House does it better than anyone else. Combine a sushi restaurant with a Chinese buffet to get the idea. But this Japanese restaurant delights in serving up all kinds of food, including pad thai, sweet and sour chicken, and anything else you might be looking for!

Japanese Steakhouse

A Japanese steakhouse might seem strange, but here at Sushi Yoshi Steak Stone & Seafood House, you'll get the best cut of beef at a Japanese restaurant in the Toledo area in Ohio! Get your steak alongside some delicious Japanese restaurant for the ultimate mix of east and west in a single meal!

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Japanese Restaurant in Toledo, OH

Sushi Yoshi Steak Stone & Seafood House’s goal is to serve the most tasty and authentic Japanese food in Toledo, OH. Whether you are in the mood for fresh sushi or want to experience a Japanese steakhouse, we can offer you excellent service with authentic and fresh ingredients here at our authentic Asian fusion restaurant. We offer delicious teriyaki for a sit-down experience, but we also have a sushi restaurant for an amazing new taste you're sure to love.

Uber Eats & Delivery Accommodations Available!

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